Reservation & Booking Policies

Rates: All room rates are based on double occupancy.  All rates are quoted in US Dollars.  Limit two persons per room.  At the discretion of management, there may be a maximum of 4 people in some of the rooms.  There is a $25.00 charge for each additional person per room, per night

Taxes: All rates are subject to mandatory Mexican taxes (16% IVA and 3% Bed Tax). Taxes are not included in the rates.

Reservation Payments: Your credit card will be charged for your entire stay. No reservation will be confirmed until your payment has been received.  Payments can be made via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express).  There may be other payment options available, please contact Casa de Leyendas for options.

Payments: Any outstanding balance is due upon arrival.  Casa de Leyendas accepts the following forms of payment: US Cash, Mexican Pesos (based on current exchange rate), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express.

Guest Responsibility

While Casa de Leyendas attentive staff and management are fully committed to each guest’s safety and enjoyment while staying at our hotel, our guests are also responsible for ensuring their own safety as well. For example, horseplay and negligent behavior are not allowed on the property and especially near any of Casa de Leyendas pool. Guests should exercise caution, and people staying with us who have children should always be observant to ensure the safety of the kids at all times.

We ask that our guests not engage in behavior that is harmful, disruptive or disrespectful to themselves, to other guests or to our staff. We believe that all of our guests should fully enjoy their stay without being disturbed unnecessarily by others.

Guest responsibility extends to all services, amenities and tours offered by Casa de Leyendas and its partners. These include tours, events, spa services, whether they are offered onsite or elsewhere.

Casa de Leyendas is only a few steps from the beach at Playa Olas Atlas.  Our guests should always be especially cautious at the beach, which is public property. The ocean should always be respected and people should be mindful of their safety in and around the water. Please also be cautious when exploring the sections of volcanic rock along the shoreline as some sections can be very sharp and others are slippery. Further, please respect that the beach is a delicate ecosystem and refrain from throwing trash or damaging the beach in any way, and help us tread lightly on the earth.

Conditions of your stay

As stated above, we want all our guests to fully enjoy their stay at our boutique resort. We therefore ask that our guests respect others by refraining from disrespectful, harmful, dangerous or disturbing behaviors on the property.

We reserve the right to terminate the stay of guests who are unable to or fail to comply with the terms and conditions laid out here. If such a case should arrive, the possibility of returning your payment in full or in part may be discussed with the hotel’s management.

Maximum occupancy:

Frida Room : max 2 people per room
Diego Room: max 2 people per room
Carnival Room: max 2 people per room
Peralta Room: max 2 people per room
Infante Room: max 2 people per room
Jardin Room: max 2 people per room
Cantina Room, equipped with 1 queen bed and a fold out couch: max 4 people

There may be a maximum of 4 people in some rooms

Each additional person charge: $25.00 per person, per night plus tax.

Check in time: 2:00 pm

Check out time: 12:00 noon


Pets:  There will be an additional pet fee of $25.00 plus tax.

In cases of accident, injury, or disruption of a guest’s stay, Casa de Leyendas is not liable for any costs incurred.  The user or guest is directly liable for any such misfortune, whether that may occur on Casa de Leyendas property.  The user or guest assumes all risk and incurred costs.

In addition, Casa de Leyendas reserves the right to find guests liable for damages to the hotel property, including outdoor common areas, its hotel rooms or common areas.

The hotel may find it necessary to apply a charge to a guest’s bill to cover the cost of repairing damage to the structures and grounds on the property.

We do not tolerate illegal behavior or substances anywhere on the property at Casa de Leyendas.

We are fully committed to protecting your private information and take multiple precautions to keep it secure.

At Casa de Leyendas, we know your privacy is important to you, so it’s just as important to us. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and to keeping your personal information secure. This includes your contact information and personal preferences, as well as the details of your stay and any additional information you share with us. Our Privacy Policy outlines the types of information our hotel collects, how it is used, whom we share it with, and how you can choose how we manage your information. If you are staying at our boutique hotel in beautiful Mazatlan, or conducting business with us at Casa de Leyendas, our Privacy Policy should act as a guide for you, whether you interact with us in person, by phone, or online and by choosing to book with or work with Casa de Leyendas, you accept the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy.

What kinds of personal information do we collect?

Depending on your business with Casa de Leyendas Boutique Hacienda Hotel we may collect certain types of personal information from you to use in a few different ways. If you are making a reservation with us, we may require some personal contact information from you including your phone number, email address, name, gender and country of residence, as well as official government documentation such as your passport number, in order to process your booking. We will also ask for personal information for other guests who will be staying with you.

Upon check-in at our front desk, this information is retrieved by our staff and saved into our internal reservation system. Also at your time of check-in, we may ask you about personal preferences in order to make your stay at our resort more comfortable and enjoyable. This could include asking you whether you wish to participate in tours and activities, spa services or other excellent amenities offered by our hotel.

In order to confirm your reservation, we collect your credit card information via trustworthy and secure third-party payment providers. We also use your credit card information when you check in order to process payment for your booking. Your payment information is retained by our system for record-keeping purposes.

Why do we collect this information?

Casa de Leyendas is required by law to collect certain personal information from our guests to protect our hotel, our staff and guests against liability, as well as for efficient record keeping. At our hotel, we believe that keeping accurate records is vital to creating a solid base for our business.

Some personal details are retained in order to better personalize your stay at Casa de Leyendas Boutique Hotel here on Playa Olas Atlas, Mazatlan. We may keep information about your preferences when you book with us so we can refer back to those details and serve you better. We may, unless you request otherwise, contact you during your stay to improve your experience, and in some cases, we may also follow up with you after you leave to ensure your time at our hotel was exceptional.

How your private information is used and shared

Your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we in general do not share your private information with any third party, and your details are always stored in a secure location where they cannot be tampered with by staff or the public. However, there is of course a small number of trusted staff who have access to information you provide to us at the time of booking and when you check in to our hotel.

In very few circumstances, your information may be shared with a third party for reasons relating to the hotel. For example, if you book a tour with us, we may provide the tour company with some information for the reason of their record keeping, and so they can serve you best during your activities.

We may track your purchases on the hotel property, such as food and beverages ordered from our poolside lounge and restaurant. We do this to keep an accurate record of our guests’ spending in case of any disagreement about your bill when it comes time to check out.

In addition, our online booking system at creates a cookie that tracks the data you enter into our reservation request form in order to make it easier for you to complete your booking. This cookie also helps us to see how many users access our online booking system so that we can measure interest in our website. The cookie we use does not collect personal information about you. It does not read your internet history before you logged on to our site at and it stops tracking your browsing the minute you click away from our website.

Some personal details may be used for Casa de Leyendas marketing department, which is a trusted third-party organization related to our hotel. This information might be bundled together with information from an array of guests to get a general sense of the demographic that especially enjoys relaxing at Casa de Leyendas boutique hotel. In this case, the information cannot be tracked to any specific guest. Our marketing agents are bound by a privacy policy similar to ours and they vow to protect the security of the information we share with them.